Garage Door Motor Replacement

Garage Door Motor Installation & Replacement

At Genie Garage Doors, we provide garage door motor installation & replacement service at highly affordable rates. Ours is a privately owned business where customer satisfaction tops all. With a clear focus on customer service and reliability, we provide on-spot repairs and installations to clients all across Sydney.

Several factors determine when it is time to replace your garage door. Making the correct decision depends on how much you value your home and lifestyle. Some of the most important garage door aspects you should consider:

1. Speed: Garage doors are not supposed to fly open or close immediately after hitting the button because they are large components that may easily hurt someone. However, if you realize that your garage door is opening or closing faster or slower than it did when installed, it might mean it’s time for garage door motor replacement services.

2. Noise level: Increased noise levels from your garage door means that a certain part needs a replacement. Thus, you should not ignore strange noises from your garage door. Properly functioning garage doors are supposed to run smoothly with little to no noise. Sudden sounds in the form of crunching, grating, grinding, banging, or squeaking suggests that you should get new garage doors.

3. Security and Safety: Garage doors are big and heavy enough to cause serious injuries or even death if they bang unexpectedly. If your garage door only closes halfway or it does not reverse when an object triggers the sensor, it is dangerous. Besides hurting your family, neighbors, and pets, such garage doors can damage your house or even expose your home to thieves who might try to break in.

4. Appearance: The appearance of your garage door extremely affects the curb appeal and the property value of your home. If you find yourself unhappy with the outdated look of your garage door, contact our experts, and we will replace them for you. Nowadays, style changes rapidly; that is why it is vital to update the look of your garage door to a modern garage door design that increases your home’s exterior beauty.

If you notice, any one or more aspects mentioned above, do not ignore them or make assumptions. Call our knowledgeable garage door motor replacement professionals to inspect all the components on the door. We will then commend you on the right course of action. We have experienced and well-trained garage door professionals to deliver top-notch garage door installation services.




Modern garage doors utilize the latest technology, high-end electronics, and digital features for their operation. Having said that, every part of the garage door needs to work effectively for it to operate as intended. But if one part doesn’t function properly, it doesn’t mean you will need garage door replacement. And when it comes to the garage door motor, you need to be very careful so as to identify the warning signs and opt for professional garage door motor replacement. Here’s what you need to know:

  • The door doesn’t close all the way.

  • The door makes strange noises every time it’s being opened.

  • The door doesn’t open/ close when you hit the buttons.

How much do you charge for garage door motor installation?

We, at Genie Garage Doors, offer competitive rates for all your garage door needs -- be it garage door installation, motor replacement or garage door servicing.

And since different garage doors utilise different motors, the cost of garage door motor installation may vary. Give us a call now to obtain a free, no-obligation quote for the same.


Garage Door Motor Installation in Sydney

Genie Garage Doors is your leading garage door motor supplier in Sydney. We sell and install only the best motors on the market. With over 10 years of experience in the industry, we have built strong relationships with trusted Australian brands that not only offer affordable top quality products but also back them up with a limited warranty.

When you call us for garage door motor installation in Sydney, you can rest assured you will get the best service money can buy. Whether you have an automated garage roller door or sectional garage door installed at your home, there isn’t any door we can fix our motor to.

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